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What We Do

At Storyboard, we understand that today’s communications challenges are multi-faceted and move quickly. Timing and specificity are critical. In order to develop successful visibility programs, we use our in-depth experience to focus on three key areas: public relations, marketing communications and event production.

Public Relations

Traditional public relations was often just about managing media relationships. As we have moved from one-way media to a more interactive communications landscape, public relations role has also expanded. Managing in the public sphere now not only includes established media channels, but specific blogs, forums, social media and direct community outreach. Our goal with public relations is to help our clients make sure they are crafting stories that are relevant and impactful and then building strategies to make sure those stories get to the right people. Our focus in this area includes:

Marketing Communication

Technology and pricing are redefining all industries and many companies that once had a strong competitive sway over their customers are now finding that they must often compete harder for less. Our full-circle approach to marketing communications means that we offer our clients tools and insights that not only allow them to better understand themselves, but as a result, better understand how to communicate with their existing and potential customers. While many organizations tend to simplify the marketing task, our experience is that when marketing is insightful and compelling, it is a powerful competitive advantage. Our focus in this area is on:

Event Productions

While social media has renewed interest in online activity, in-person experiential events are still a critical piece of any visibility creation program. The reason? Well executed events are able to convey brand messaging in a visceral and emotional way that other mediums simply can’t match. Of course, the flipside is that organizations that take their events budgets for granted may find that their event programs not only fail to bring in new prospects or make new connections, but actually negatively impact relationships that have already been established. We believe in creating events and experiences that are not only true to the brand, but create distinct emotional connections that people want to talk about in person and online. Here is what we handle in this area:

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